Motorcycle Diaries


For any biking enthusiast, riding a bike is more than just getting from point to point. It is all about the experience, the feeling of the wind in your face and of liberation that comes with speed. But this experience isn’t complete without the perfect motorcycle gear to go with the process of riding a bike. Here is a bunch of must-haves when it comes to motorcycle gear. We take you through the most important motorcycle accessories for all biking enthusiasts in this list.

  • A good rain suit: Unlike the rain coat that can make you look like Plastic-Man, the rain suit is a thin layer that goes over what you are already wearing. Thin and light, they are easy to store and wear, and do not interfere with your riding. A rain suit is versatile enough to be stored in your saddle bag, and also lets you see in rainy weather, so effortlessly that your manoeuvres are not in the least bit affected. It’s all very well to look like those awesome men in Fast and Furious and Hrithik Roshan in Dhoom 2, but seriously, the expectation-versus-reality deal will make you see sense in buying a rain soot.
  • A pair of rain over-boots: In principle, the same as rain suits, the rain boots protect your feet from rain. Soggy feet can be a pain to deal with, and these boots help you walk with dry and happy feet. Boots are also exceptionally important beyond the rainy season. They protect your feet from crashes and bad weather, while also cushioning them sufficiently to give you comfort. Unless you are very particular about walking like there are slugs wedged between your feet and your shoes, you really should be buying some over-boots.
  • A photo chromic visor, or a clear visor can be exceptionally useful if you are riding in the bright sun or at night. An extra visor that automatically adjusts works very well in terms of clarity and visibility, while also protecting your eyes. Of course you probably think you can see through rain and sun because, well, you shower and are not bothered by the tubelight at home. But no. Not on the road.
  • A windshield is a clever hack to help you cruise at high speeds without much difficulty. It also cuts down on rider fatigue, and keeps you protected from excessive dust and rain.
  • A backpack: A motorcycle bag is a great find, particularly when you are carrying a lot of things along while you commute from point to point. The backpacks that are light, easy to detach and storage oriented make a comfortable companion for your every need.
  • A mask or a balaclava, which keeps your face and neck warm if you are riding against the wind or in cold weather, and keeps you cooled and helps you wipe off your sweat if you are riding in heat. It is also a good way to protect your neck from sand, rocks and bugs, while also keeping your helmet liner clean.
  • Hand guards are vital when you know that your grip on the handlebars can get disrupted by sweat, or the cold. It helps keep your hands dextrous and capable of manoeuvring the bike comfortably. How exactly you manoeuvre your bike remains your skill, but if you can’t get a hold on it…
  • Side mirrors: Side mirrors are exceptionally useful in that it helps make navigation in traffic and on the highway very easy. Not to forget admiring your own delightful face every now and then.
  • Bungee Cords and Lashing Straps help create extra cargo room on your bike, allowing you to carry all that you need, securely and without any impinging on your space. Before you think we are encouraging you to get all stunts-man-on-the-bike-yo, send that thought packing and buy yourself this stuff to stay safe on the bike!



Woman behind the Wheel


Driving alone as a woman comes with its own set of challenges. Of course, driving is liberating, and is fully capable of helping you channel your independence, it is also true that the roads out there are not exactly safe, and that women are vulnerable to impediments to their safety. Everything from car crashes to car-jacking, from impersonation and rough drivers on the road, there are plenty of things one should be safe about. Here are a few things women drivers should keep track of.

  • Park appropriately: Whether you are at a public place or a private neighbourhood, always park your vehicle in a place where there is sufficient lighting, and where you cannot be ambushed by anyone simply because the space is opportune. Lock your car and remember exactly where you parked, and make sure that when you come back to the place, no matter the time of day, you do have enough lighting to take the vehicle out without any difficulty.
  • Always keep your keys accessible in your purse, so that you don’t stand outside your car door and fumble for them. The more you fumble for the keys, the more it tends to appear like you are vulnerable and susceptible. It is a perfect opportunity for a criminal to pull off a mugging or a carjacking, or even to grab your purse and run.
  • Make note of the vehicles parked around and near your own. It is a useful way to remember your own vehicle’s spot, while also getting a good idea of what your vehicle was surrounded by.
  • Don’t jump at every opportunity to help – especially if you are being stopped or waved at by a lone man in a remote location. Always be sure to keep your phone handy, so that in any unwieldy situation, you have access to help at the earliest. The same goes for suspicious police officers, or police officers who don’t appear to be founded in their claims of stopping your car.
  • Always keep a map handy, so that you have a full idea as to where you are going, and what your route will comprise. Indulge in a GPS device in the car, rather than to use a map if you are driving by yourself.
  • Make sure that your vehicle is in good condition – having been serviced at the right time, especially if you know that you are making a longer trip. This will help you avoid the eventuality of your vehicle breaking down midway, and avoid having to approach strangers to help fix it if you can’t do it yourself.
  • Keep someone fully aware of your whereabouts, so that the moment you are lost, or you find yourself deviating from the path, or even find yourself in trouble of any kind, help is at hand.