When Should You Upgrade From 2 Wheeler to 4 Wheeler

Bike to Car

“Never” says the two wheeler aficionado; “upgrade?” he roars “it is actually cage up!”

“As soon as you can afford it” opines the convenience champion

“When the family size grows beyond two” suggests the pragmatic

Thus, the decision to move from two wheels to four is largely individualistic. Some safe tips, specific to 2015 context:-

  1. When the cost of ownership of the additional wheels (not just fuel .. but also service, insurance and capital !) is affordable
  2. Provided there is safe parking available – at work and at home
  3. If your spouse announces that he/she needs to keep up with the Joneses, oops Iyers, Raos, Jains or Agarwals – 🙂
  4. When your commute distances are long and constant – generally speaking two wheels are short haul, around-the-corner usage variety. A four wheeler is handy for long rides.

With the advent of taxi-hailing apps and the business opportunity it has spawned amongst drivers’n’owners, it is now one more decision point! Read on for some other views


The Author, Kalyanaraman M, is the Consultant – New Products with TVS Credit Services


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